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          History :  

  •  Vali-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation (VRF) is a non-governmental organization that started its activities in 1992. Its main aim is to provide  rehabilitation services for children and adults with intellectual and motor disabilities . After more than two decade, the foundation has expanded and its benefits are observed at community level.
  •  VRF started its activities by establishing two day centers for male and female individuals with intellectual disabilities in 1992.
  •  Since 1995, VRF established Negin Asr Rehabilitation centre in Mashhad
  •  In 1997 Vali-Asr Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre was established in Tehran for providing clinical rehabilitation services for children with cerebral palsy and mentally retarded children.   It was one of the earliest centers in this field  inaugurated under the name of Navid Asr rehabilitation centre.
  • In 1998, the branch of Vali-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation was set up in Kashan city under the name of Negar Asr Rehabilitation Centre  for screening neurological problems in new born babies. Now Negar Asr Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre provides rehabilitation services for high risk babies and children under 6 years old with intellectual and motor disabilities in a new constructed building.This center like the other VRF centers provides high standard rehabilitation services.
  • In 2005, Navid Asr Comprehensive Rehabilitation centre transferred to a new constracted  building and continued  its activities for children with special needs in central and southern parts of Tehran.
  •   In 2005, Omid Asr Comprehensive Rehabilitations Centre was inaugurated and aimed at utilizing new techniques and approaches in the rehabilitation children with neurological disabilities. This centre is also active in the field of monitoring child development and Learning Disabilities with great success.
  •   Now VRF has 8 comprehensive Outpatient and Day care rehabilitation centers in Tehran, Fars, Khorasan Razavi and Esfahan provinces. Annually about 4000 clients with different disabilities use outpatient services like 0ccupational Therapy, Speech and language therapy, Physical therapy Hydrotherapy ,Play therapy ,Behavioral therapy ,Music therapy , Psychology and educational programs. Totally 80,000 outpatient therapy sessions are provided in these centers in a year. About 400 clients in ages of 3 till 8 year use Day Care Programs (DCP) and 100 clients the ages of 15 till 30 year use Vocational Training Programs (VTP).These aren't all activities of VRF; some of other activities are mentioned briefly: